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Man arrested, charged with interfering with child custody

In the state of Tennessee and throughout the country, child custody cases stem from a variety of underlying issues, ranging from divorce to abduction. Recently, an 18-year-old youth was taken into custody for interfering with child custody in Jackson County, Florida, after it was revealed that he took a 15-year-old girl from a fireworks display to a bowling alley without her parent's permission.

Officers at the Sheriff's station said that they were informed of a runaway teenager through a phone call. After they received information about the 15-year-old girl who was seen at the bowling alley, deputies arrived at the bowling alley and found the girl. She had reportedly run away from a fireworks event in a neighboring county.

Fair property division; justice beyond a biased prenup

Rarely does a divorce proceeding leave out property division matters. There are many divorces in Tennessee, and elsewhere in the US, and they engage financial advisors and divorce lawyers alike in complex to simple marital asset divisions. And every one of these professionals strive to reach one objective; a just and equitable marital property division for their client.

A fair marital property division is on everyone's mind during a divorce. Sometimes, people enter into prenuptial agreements before getting married in order to ensure fairness and impartiality in marital property division in the event of a divorce. These agreements become tools that can direct an asset division when divorcing.

Tennessee lawmakers aim to introduce new domestic violence law

In a recent domestic violence case in Tennessee, a well-known contractor was arrested and taken into custody for brutally assaulting his girlfriend. According to an order of the commissioner, he was to be held in custody for 12 hours. However, the judge presiding over his case ordered his release after only three hours in custody. According to reports, the judge had a conversation with the suspect's lawyer before authorizing his release.

Following his release, the suspect returned to his residence where he allegedly assaulted his girlfriend for a second time. According to police reports, the woman was in the process of collecting her belongings before vacating the suspect's home when he returned and attempted to strangle her.

Property division follows Banderas-Griffith divorce

Tennessee may not have the highest divorce rates among the 50 states but given the national average of almost 50 percent of marriages ending in divorce, divorce is still common here. When divorce happens, property division is one of the more important issues. Sometimes, the nature of the assets to be divided may dictate the complexity of the process.

In a recent case, Antonio Banderas' and Melanie Griffith's marriage is coming to an end. The divorce will most likely be complex. The couple announced that they have decided to end their marriage after much thought and mutual agreement. In the case of a high-asset divorce, the people are faced with complex property division; in this case, the divorce will end a 20-year union.

Tennessee sees sharp drop in domestic violence rates

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation released a report on Tuesday indicating a drop in reported domestic violence cases in Tennessee in 2013. Tennessee was one of the worst affected states in America with domestic violence; however, the past four years have seen a sharp drop in the crime rate.

Although a consistent drop in crime rates has been observed in the state, experts warn that intensified efforts are still needed in order to curb the problem. Tennessee had the sixth highest rate of men murdering women last year.

IRS increases scrutiny of tax returns claiming alimony

Tennessee residents, like the rest of the country, are no strangers to divorce. A divorce may not be simple or without conflict but addressing the issues attentively, especially alimony, is definitely the safest way to go for divorcing couples. Separating couples often disagree about financial issues and alimony is generally part of those issues.

A few important issues should be kept in mind by the payer, as well as the receiver of alimony, to avoid an Internal Revenue Service tax audit. It is very important for both parties to completely understand what alimony really is and what the maze of legal jargon expounded in divorce agreement says because a layman can miss essential terms that could prove financially catastrophic. It is necessary to be completely sure about each and every agreement detail. Any ambiguity should be cleared up by an attorney or a certified analyst specializing in alimony tax issues.

An alternative asset protection option during property division

Divorces rate in the United States are, by and large, among the highest in the world. Although Tennessee does not rank among the states with the highest rate of divorce, many couples seek to go their separate ways. Along with the question of spousal support and child custody, divorce raise another important issue, that of property division.

Prenuptial agreements used to be the default legal tool for protecting separate assets. Yet, a large number of couples seem to have trouble discussing prenuptial agreements, fearing the discomfort and awkwardness attached to the subject. Many skip the prenuptial agreement altogether and end up leaving their separate assets unprotected. Moreover, prenuptial agreements are not bulletproof. In some cases, contesting a prenuptial agreement in court can be an expensive affair.

Adoptive parents fight to recover custody of 9-year-old girl

Custody battles are rarely good for anybody, especially the children involved. In Tennessee, the adoptive parents of a 9-year-old girl are currently fighting a child custody battle and are struggling to have the reversal of their adoption order overturned.

The case began in 2007 when a foster couple in Dickson took in a 2-year-old girl after she was taken from her adoptive father. The man had been sentenced to 15 years in federal prison for trafficking in weapons. The girl was adopted in 2008 because Tennessee prohibits felons serving 10 or more years in prison from having custody of children less than 8 years of age. The man's information on a homicide case led to the state cutting his sentence down to 7-1/2 years, and he immediately asserted his rights as a parent to regain custody of his child. Barely three hours after a court ruled in his favor, the girl was reclaimed by her father, a virtual stranger to her, and taken to live with him in another state.

Safeguarding business interests in a high asset divorce

Tennessee might not be among the states with swelling divorce rates, but given the national average of nearly 50 percent of marriages ending in divorce, it cannot be considered an uncommon phenomenon. Shelly Sterling was recently in the news for stating her intention to end her marriage with Donald Sterling -- the embattled owner of Los Angeles Clippers.

In a recent interview, Mrs. Sterling mentioned that even though she was looking to divorce her husband, she would continue the battle to maintain her stake in the basketball team. This, she says, might come to pass if National Basketball League owners decide to force Donald Sterling into selling the team after he made racist remarks.

How treating child support as alimony can create tax trouble

The end of a marriage has many implications for any American couple, including those in Tennessee. From child custody to asset distribution, many decisions must be made before a divorce can be finalized. Among the most common concerns for couples are alimony and its tax implications.

Once a divorce is finalized, money flows from one spouse to the other through child support, alimony or asset division. On a practical level, this flow of money reduces the income of the paying spouse and increases the income of the receiving spouse.

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